G.I. Joe: Black and White

A short story I made for a final project in a college photography project. Created in March 2003, this project has no dialogue (or color) and was scanned in from the original photographs. The story takes on a serious tone (though some have tended to read it wrong...).

G.I. Joe: The Final Frontier

A humorous dio-story created in December 2003. It has 77 pictures all originally created by my digital camera. Word balloons and Photoshop effects galore.

G.I. Joe: The Return of the Low Budget Dio-Story!

Created in September 2005, this is my sequel to G.I. Joe: The Final Frontier. Taken with a better digital camera than before, with all the superfluous Photoshop effects you've come to know and love. Not suggested for dial-up, unless you like waiting.

All characters, vehicles, playsets, and audio copyright their respective owners. Images and sounds used only for parody and not for profit. Used without permission.