University of California, San Diego's website is

Oh yeah, check out my high school's webpage.

Visit some webpages of some of my Troy High School friends!

Ken's blog:

Ross' page: is probably the best online site for the best toy line ever: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

The official sites for G.I. Joe are, its parent company, and

The home of the G.I. Joe comic book is at

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Visit the webpages of some Joe fans:

See the official home of the Covert Missions Mailing list!:

Visit Corey's or seaN's site for all your Joe buying needs!:

Belgium is the best place to get Joes. Trust me on this... or just go to Timmer's site and see his collection... And be sure to read his Pantsman Chronicles! (Yes, I did spell that right!)

For all you fans of making toys tell the story, check out General Hawk's and TimElf's webpages, and see how bad I really am at telling fan fiction!:

Joe's got some great customizing tips at his place:

Evilface and Co. show off their customizing talents and put me to shame:

MikeT's place on the web:

Track the release of Joes at Ryan's site:

Amazing custom work here:


Okay, that's it, I swear!!!