If anybody feels the need to contact me, they're more than welcome
to send along a message. Just keep in mind a few things :


- I may quote or paraphrase your e-mail in my blog, so if you don't
want that happening, make sure you mention it in the e-mail.

- I get a lot of spam on this account, so you'll have to make the subject line something
that will really stand out. I'm serious, I really only glance at the subject
lines before deleting, so if you want me to read it, don't give it a generic title!

- Don't feel bad if I don't respond - It may take a few days for me to get back
to you, I may not respond due to the volume of e-mails I receive, or I may have
deleted your e-mail by accident. D'oh! Oh yeah, delete the [sponky]
from the e-mail address. Otherwise, it's not gonna go anywhere.

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